Advanced Engineering 2024

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At BlueThink we believe that The 3T’s of Innovation represent the essential resources required to drive successful innovation in any organization. We provide a tailored combination of the 3T’s for each of our clients to help them overcome challenges and innovate efficiently.

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The skilled people with diverse expertise who bring creative ideas, problem-solving abilities, and technical knowledge to the innovation process.

  • Grow your Team
  • Smart Outsourcing
  • Skill Gap Solutions
  • Recruitment Support
  • Management Support


The physical and conceptual resources, including labs, software, methodologies, and frameworks, enabling the exploration, development, and testing of innovative solutions.

  • Prototyping
  • Agile Hardware Development
  • Full Labs
  • Training
  • Design of Experiment


The underlying scientific advancements, hardware, materials, and digital platforms forming the basis of new products, services, and processes to drive efficient innovation.

  • AI, ML, MV & Data Science
  • Sustainable Tech
  • Energy Storage and Management
  • Custom Electronics
  • and loads more from our Solvers Network

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Meet the Team

Javier Nadal

Innovation Director

Jonathan Franklin

Senior Innovation Specialist

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