Engine noise signature recovery
GPF & Engine Noise Signature Recovery

Introduction of the GPF created a new challenge for petrol engines. Recovering the engine noise signature, while balancing performance and emissions required a multidisciplinary and innovative approach.

Engineering Perceived Quality

Customers are not looking for products: they seek great experiences. Improving the perceived quality of cars is an effective way of turning the car driving into an unforgettable experience.

HVAC Systems for EV and E-bus

Heating of HVAC systems for Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles is powered using the waste heat from the engine. In Electric Vehicle (EVs) there isn’t (enough) waste energy, so the system needs to be powered by the main battery, decreasing the vehicle’s range, which is arguably the most important parameter for customers.

Data science lab
AI Assisted Drifting

Creating a virtual sensor to accurately estimate the side slip angle drives a massive improvement in lateral dynamics for production cars.

Product development lab - Robot Spot Welding - BlueThink Technology, Engineering, Industrial, Product, Design and Mechanical Consultants and assisting with Industrial Design Consultants
3D Printed Production Parts

Additive manufacturing offers new opportunities for development and production, but we must first meet the application requirements.