Engine Noise Signature Recovery


The Need

Introduction of the GPF created a new challenge for petrol engines, as it compromised performance and the signature engine sound. Sports cars in particular are very negatively impacted as a high-quality engine sound is a key feature the consumer expects.

Recovering the engine noise signature, while balancing performance and emissions required a multidisciplinary and innovative approach. With global regulation changes driving this problem, it was vital to find a long-term solution that could be implemented quickly.

The Solution

BlueThink formed a cross-sector project team of engineering consultants with specific experience in NVH to find the right solution. Taking into consideration emission targets and different RPM ranges, the team observed how and when the GPF affected sound quality.

The team also identified and studied other relevant factors such as the base engine, exhaust system, GPF layout and controls. The testing phase was key to methodically working through this complex process. A simplified model was designed, capable of rapidly predicting the behaviour of the GPF in different conditions. This model then enabled the team to run an optimization algorithm and carry out physical tests to validate the results.

The Result

This comprehensive approach, boosted by in-sector expertise, provided the client with both expected and unexpected results! An improved engine noise signature, GPF performance optimization, and a significant reduction in the cost of the components.

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