AI Assisted Drifting


The Need

Vehicle dynamics relies on a wealth of data to improve the vehicle’s drivability. The side slip angle is a key variable. Physical sensors able to make this measurement are expensive and not reliable (e.g. with wet road).

For this reason, these sensors can be effectively employed only during the car set up and production fine-tuning.

The Project

One of BlueThink’s solver has worked to develop a virtual sensor, i.e. an AI and Machine Learning model able to accurately estimate the side slip angle,

based on a set of input parameters that were already measured through physical sensors.

The Result

The side slip angle measurement is now available for vehicles on the market thanks to virtual sensors. Real-time measurements with great precision can be employed by the on-board computer to enhance lateral dynamics control, during the life cycle of the car.

The accuracy reached by the virtual model was proved to be greater than the one reached by means of physical sensors.

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