HVAC Systems for EV and E-bus


The Need

Heating of HVAC systems for Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles is powered using the waste heat from the engine. In Electric Vehicle (EVs) there isn’t (enough) waste energy, so the system needs to be powered by the main battery,

decreasing the vehicle’s range, which is arguably the most important parameter for customers.

A company developing an innovative heating system approached BlueThink to try to understand the characteristics of the HVAC market for EVs.

The Solution

BlueThink carried out a Technology-based Market Analysis to provide insights into the growing EV sector. This work included a benchmarking activity of current technologies,

PTC and Heat Pump, as well as it analysed the entry barriers and possible entry strategies.

The Benefit

Through this detailed study the client was able to understand the current technological landscape

and be equipped with the right tools to develop the desired solution and plan a successful entry strategy.

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