designing a minimalist soother
Engineering of a Minimalist Soother

Designing a minimalist soother with a smaller footprint than usual is more of a challenge than it may first appear. The client wanted to study different design options using a virtual model before progressing to expensive physical prototypes.

Developing a Healthcare device
Developing a User-Friendly Healthcare Device

Developing a healthcare device that’s user-friendly was at the heart of the brief from this client, a major healthcare manufacturer. They wanted to design a brand new nebulization system for an aerosol device used with babies. The key objective was not only to improve performance, but also to have less component parts overall.

Go-to-Market Strategy

The successful launch of a new product requires a thorough research that includes technical, economic and strategic aspects.

A Full Reliability Concept

Improving medical disposables reliability through NDT requires a system capable of high-speed testing without compromising the product.

Back Ventilated Baby Bottle

A new back vented baby bottle improves babies feeding by reducing air ingestion. BlueThink developed the complete project to a challenging time frame.