Product Technology Innovation. Baby boy with dummy in mouth. BlueThink
Engineering of a Minimalist Pacifier

Minimizing the footprint of the pacifier means that the baby’s face is less covered and looks more natural. Creating a small, light, thin and soft dummy that is also safe and compliant with all the necessary regulations is an engineering challenge.

User-Centered Simplicity

A major healthcare manufacturer contacted us to design a novel and extraordinarily simple nebulizer device, consisting of very few components. In particular, the nebulizing ampoule needed to be made up of two parts, instead of the usual three: this implies a greatly improved ease of use, whereas the device fluid dynamics design has to be completely renovated.

Go-to-Market Strategy

The successful launch of a new product requires a thorough research that includes technical, economic and strategic aspects.

A Full Reliability Concept

Improving medical disposables reliability through NDT requires a system capable of high-speed testing without compromising the product.

Back Ventilated Baby Bottle

A new back vented baby bottle improves babies feeding by reducing air ingestion. BlueThink developed the complete project to a challenging time frame.