Engineering of a Minimalist Pacifier


The Need

Minimizing the footprint of the pacifier means that the baby’s face is less covered and looks more natural. Creating a small, light, thin and soft dummy that is also safe and compliant with all the necessary regulations is an engineering challenge.

Only a synergic design of technologies, materials and aesthetics could result in a product that be safe, functional and that kids would love.

The Project

BlueThink carried out the detailed engineering, prototyping and testing of the pacifier. The project required the development of a detailed numerical model using hyper-elastic material properties. The results were compared to lab testing and an optimized version of model that was finely-tuned by means of measurements.

In the meanwhile, the design was refined to create a product that parents and baby would love, while being safe and complaint with the pertinent standards.

The Benefit

Thanks to its user-centered design, the project outcome was a pacifier that with a better customer appealing and a USP in an extremely standardized market.

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