Digital Computing Lab

Our Digital Engineering team has the expertise to blend the virtual and physical worlds.

By leveraging AI & Machine Learning approaches, we can engineer unique solutions to create disruptive products. Digital technologies with their pervasiveness can unlock opportunities by blurring the line between products and services.


AI & Machine Learning

Deep Learning

Computer Vision

Pattern Recognition Data Mining

Virtual Sensors Big Data & Analytics

Internet of Things (IoT)

Power management

Wireless communications


Embedded Systems

Sensors Agile Prototyping

System Modelling

Predictive Modelling System Optimization

Algorithm development

Python, Matlab, C/C++


Case studies

Features to Conquer the Market

Creating a virtual sensor to accurately estimate the side slip angle drives a massive improvement in lateral dynamics for production cars.

Smart Cooking for Perfect Results

Cooking a fragrant custard, rare meat and deep frying are challenging processes. Getting the perfect result repeatedly requires experience, time and commitment by the user. 
A global home appliances manufacturer approached BlueThink to work together in making such challenging cooking tasks easier and enjoyable for the final user.