Materials And Finishing Lab

Customers are looking for great experiences and that is exactly what our design strategy delivers.

Starting with a user-centred design, our experience in perceived quality allows us to objectively evaluate and optimise the user experience. Sustainability is in our mindset: we select ecofriendly materials and finishing, and we pair them with eco-designed products. Our holistic approach targets all senses to deliver products people will love.



Material, Color & Finish (CMF)

Perceived Quality Specifications

Sounds & Haptics Cross-industry technology

Eco-Design Human factors

Ergonomics Interiors & Exteriors

Circular Economy Benchmarking



Rapid prototyping

Test bench construction 3D printing

Full-size and scaled models.

Look & Feel


Virtual Testing Usability

Design of Experiment (DoE) Automated testing

Materials Characterization

Environmental Impact

Case studies

Efficient and Consistent Illumination

A well illuminated oven allows the final user to have a better cooking experience and contributes to improve both the quality of the cooked products and users’ satisfaction.