Product Development Lab

Carefully planned product development, prototyping and testing loops bring our customers to the point where the design is ready to be transferred to production.

Through our cross-sector expertise we provide our clients with a fresh perspective and a new source of innovation. This multidisciplinary approach can address specific needs and challenges at each stage of the product development cycle, from idea to manufacturing.



Workflow optimisation

Design for Manufacturing (DfM)

Design to Cost

Cost Reduction

Design for Assembly (DfA)

Eco-design Sustainability


Functional Mock-up

Virtual prototyping

Rapid prototyping

3D printing




Design of Experiment (DoE)

In-line Quality Testing

Analytics & Statistics

Virtual Testing

Abuse test

Case studies

3D Printed Production Parts

Additive manufacturing offers new opportunities for development and production, but we must first meet the application requirements.

User-Centered Simplicity

A major healthcare manufacturer contacted us to design a novel and extraordinarily simple nebulizer device, consisting of very few components. In particular, the nebulizing ampoule needed to be made up of two parts, instead of the usual three: this implies a greatly improved ease of use, whereas the device fluid dynamics design has to be completely renovated.