BlueThink invited to Future Healthcare 2019

BlueThink was invited to Future Healthcare 2019 to present their unique battery technology for disposable medical devices.

The stand at the Innovators Pavilion attracted the attention of a range of companies developing innovative healthcare devices curious to find out more about this new energy storage technology.

As usual, these products are compromising user-experience, safety and sustainability to overcome the limitations imposed by the use of button cell batteries.

Seeing our unique energy storage proposition these businesses were attracted by the simple, yet effective approach. As one of the visitors said: “there is no need to use a sledgehammer to crack a nut”.

Despite developing devices with very different scopes, all visitors were interested in the comprehensive set of avantages this new battery can offer their devices:

  • Truly disposable: There is no need to remove the battery after using the device, improving user experience and reducing the design effort. This includes devices that require incineration after use.
  • Low-Cost: The use of widely available materials and high volume manufacturing techniques result in a very competitive unit cost.
  • Long Shelf-life: By activating the battery at point of use the battery can perform as expected, regardless of storage time.
  • Customizable: Both physical and electrical characteristics can be tailored to specific applications, making integration in the product simpler and more efficient.
  • Safe: This battery technology presents no fire or explosion risk. Furthermore, it is not toxic for people or the environment.
  • Unrestricted shipping: Unlike technologies like Lithium-ion, this innovative battery can be shipped without restriction as it doesn’t present fire or explosion risks.

The event included a short presentation followed by a Q&A section in front of a panel of experts, press, visitors and fellow innovators.

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