BlueThink invited to Innovation Roundtable Summit 2019

BlueThink was invited at Innovation Roundtable Summit, the world’s largest gathering of innovation executives in large firms.

The themes of this year were the following:

  1. Gamechanging Innovation and New Business Models
  2. Agile Organization, Culture & Leadership for Innovation
  3. Digital Innovation and Business Transformation
  4. AI, Blockchain & Technology Foresighting
  5. Startup Collaboration, Ecosystems and Open Innovation
  6. Front End: Design Thinking and Portfolio Decisions
  7. Innovation for Sustainability and Circular Economy
  8. Innovation in China and Globalization of R&D

Through the words of Natascha Hebestreit, we was glad to share BlueThink perspective on product development by means of our ATLAS Methodology, a structured way to map radical innovation pathways in the open innovation world.

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