Home Appliances

In the last 10 years BlueThink has supported a large number of producers in the development of home appliances that customers love. Creating a unique experience remains the most effective road to product success and brand loyalty. Our multidisciplinary approach allows our clients to develop increasingly complex new products in an efficient way.





Materials & Packaging

Perceived Quality Steam cooking

Design for manufacturing (DfM)

Energy storage Combined cooking

AI & Machine Learning

Digital & IoT

Cost reduction


Rapid prototyping

3D printing



Functional Mock-up

Virtual Prototyping


Virtual Testing



Test campaign design


Abuse test

User feedback Reliability

Top Home Appliances Trends

By innovating in multiple industries we can see trends before they develop and leverage technologies across applications to optimize our clients’ investment and deliver successful innovative in time.

Emotional Touch

Minimalism (sleek design, neutral colors, matte finishes) veils the appliances’ convoluted interiors, making the complex technology look simple and emotional.

Connected and Personalized

For many people, the driving force behind creating a connected home is the potential to save energy and money (e.g. with automated heating and air conditioning systems).

Maximizing Personal Time

Customers want to maximize their leisure time so are embracing products that allow them to delegate time consuming tasks, with no compromise on quality.

Reference Clients

Through our unique approach we work with industry leaders across the globe.

Case studies

In the last 10 years we have been working in a global framework carrying out more than 100 projects to grant a clear competitive edge to each one of our clients.


Technology Scouting activity to discover environmentally friendly materials for new packaging applications.

Efficient and Consistent Illumination

A well illuminated oven allows the final user to have a better cooking experience and contributes to improve both the quality of the cooked products and users’ satisfaction.