Industrial Design Consultants. In the last 10 years BlueThink has supported a large number of businesses in the development of innovative products and processes. Industrial and B2B products and processes are evaluated according to their cost of ownership and must offer high levels of quality and reliability. Considering certifications, legislations and expected production volumes from the onset of the project results in a cost-effective, reliable and performing solution.




Mechanicals & materials

Design for manufacturing (Dfm)

Energy Storage Optics

Wireless Charging

Cost-reduction Rugged & Safety Critical

AI & Machine Learning

Simulation & Models Innovative & Custom sensors

Legislation & Certifications

Connectivity & IoT


Rapid Prototyping

3D Printing


Functional Mock-up

Virtual Prototyping


Virtual Testing

Integration Abuse test

Assembly Environmental testing

Test campaign design

Top Industrial Trends

By innovating in multiple industries we can see trends before they develop and leverage technologies across applications to optimize our clients’ investment and deliver successful innovative in time.

Smart Factories - BlueThink Technology, Engineering, Industrial, Product, Design and Mechanical Consultants and assisting with Industrial Design Consultants
Towards Smart Factories

Processes are being redesigned for deep optimization. The combination of Big Data, AI and virtual sensors is playing an important role in the next generation industry.

Circular Economy

An increasing number of companies are vigorously embracing Circular Economy principles and practices, such as zero carbon footprint processes and production waste management. Such policies, in turn, are starting to have a measurable impact on consumers’ choices that needs to be taken into account.


Inside the industry 4.0 framework, industrial processes and machines are getting more and more smart and connected. Some examples are the usage of Augmented Reality to shorten maintenance time, while Big Data are used for downturn predictions.

Reference Clients

Through our unique approach we work with industry leaders across the globe as Industrial Design Consultants.

Case studies

In the last 10 years we have been working in a global framework carrying out more than 100 projects to grant a clear competitive edge to each one of our clients.

Product development lab - Robot Spot Welding - BlueThink Technology, Engineering, Industrial, Product, Design and Mechanical Consultants and assisting with Industrial Design Consultants
3D Printed Production Parts

Additive manufacturing offers new opportunities for development and production, but we must first meet the application requirements.

A Full Reliability Concept

Improving medical disposables reliability through NDT requires a system capable of high-speed testing without compromising the product.

Composite Structures

Using state of the art techniques we have designed a new material: easy to transport and capable of replacing steel and concrete.