Oil And Energy

In the last 10 years BlueThink has supported the largest companies in the Oil & Energy sector. This sector faces titanic challenges from grid stability with clean tech rising to subsea oil factories. Our fast turn-around solutions, based on a unique approach and cross-industry technology transfer, respond to the growing innovation need in the industry.




Connected Wearables

Underwater communication

Digital Twins

Energy Systems

Energy storage

Energy harvesting

Fuel Cells


High-thickness Steel Laser Welding


Energy Source Optimization

Energy production prediction

Plant modeling

Top Oil And Energy Trends

By innovating in multiple industries we can see trends before they develop and leverage technologies across applications to optimize our clients’ investment and deliver successful innovative in time.

The Rise of Subsea Factories

The Oil & Energy industry is experiencing the trend toward underwater repositioning of some key phases in oil treatment. As a consequence, the industry is to face a number of technological challenges, among which are undersea power generation, submarine communications, autonomous vehicle design and development.

IoT Integration

The combination of extensive IoT network together with Big Data analysis is playing an important role in the next generation industry, which is more and more projected towards automation. Especially for dangerous operations.

Towards Digital Twins

The increasing need for handling operations with no physical support by manpower, leads to a more and more stringent robotization of processes and to the development of digital twin systems, able to effectively reproduce the systems’ behaviors, forecast downturns and malfunctions, shorten maintenance operations.

Reference Clients

Through our unique approach we work with industry leaders across the globe.

Case studies

In the last 10 years we have been working in a global framework carrying out more than 100 projects to grant a clear competitive edge to each one of our clients.

IoT and Wearables for HSE

BlueThink is developing a suite of wearable devices able to collect and share useful information related to the health and safety of human operators in hazardous environments.

High-Speed Subsea Laser Communications

BlueThink designed, prototyped and tested a communication module to be integrated to subsea system, monitor them and transmit data to a remote receiver, yet not increasing the assembly time or requiring additional connecting components.