Materials And Finishing Lab

Optimising the user experience with a quality design strategy.

In our materials and finishing lab we take a user-centred approach to design. Identifying the great experiences customers want, then steering the product development process to deliver them.

We have a deep understanding of perceived quality, and understand exactly how materials and finishing can optimise the user experience. The challenge of creating a higher perception of something lies in all the minute details. Consideration for not just the look and feel of items, but also the sounds that form part of the experience.

Equally important is sustainability, and we select eco-friendly materials and finishes to complement eco-friendly products. In the materials and finishing lab we combine our design engineering expertise with a holistic and scientific approach. As a result, we help our clients deliver products that are both effective and memorable.

Good design should provide more than just functionality, it should add meaningful value to the end-user. Our approach is to balance efficiency with quality, creating products with purpose that delight the customer.



Colour, Material & Finish (CMF)

Perceived Quality Specifications

Sounds & Haptics Cross-industry technology

Eco-Design Human factors

Ergonomics Interiors & Exteriors

Circular Economy Benchmarking



Rapid Prototyping

Test Bench Construction 3D printing

Full-size and Scaled Models

Look & Feel


Virtual Testing Usability

Design of Experiment (DoE) Automated testing

Materials Characterization

Environmental Impact

Case studies

Food and beverage manufacturing - Digital Oven - BlueThink Technology, Engineering, Industrial, Product, Design and Mechanical Consultants and assisting with Home appliance mechanical engineering
Efficient and Consistent Illumination

A well illuminated oven allows the final user to have a better cooking experience and contributes to improve both the quality of the cooked products and users’ satisfaction.