Food And Beverage

Sustainable food and beverage manufacturing.

BlueThink has been applying its design engineering expertise in food and beverage manufacturing for more than a decade. Specifically helping leading global providers to ‘go green’ with more efficient production facilities and sustainable packaging.

Product innovation in this industry is evolving, not only the manufacturing processes but also the finished products themselves. For this reason, our design engineers are constantly exploring new eco-friendly production methods and materials. Furthermore, we are committed to finding ways to make sustainable production more cost effective.

Consumers are increasingly seeking eco-products, as a result new product development must consider reducing plastics, biodegradability and reusable options. Additionally, when production and packaging are also eco-focused, the opportunity for new product success increases further.

Making production facilities more sustainable requires specific expertise. Our cross-sector perspective enables us to identify new technologies, in order to transfer them from one industry to another. We can advise on reducing your carbon footprint, efficient waste management, automated production and much more.



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Food And Beverage Trends

New Natural Products - BlueThink
New Natural products

The increasing request for simple products with a short list of natural and healthy ingredients implies that industrial engineers design utterly novel processes to satisfy the consumers’ demand and the regulatory body at the same time.

Food and beverage manufacturing - Sustainable Processes - Silo Farm - BlueThink
Sustainable Processes

The development of concepts such as zero carbon footprint associated to industrial processes can be achieved by means of a variety of strategies, requiring contributions from different players, from marketers to scientists and R&D engineers.

Food and beverage manufacturing
Natural Packaging for Natural Food

The demand for natural food is driving the challenge to create materials and packaging able to be compliant with the message of the product. Newly developed coatings promise to make paper and carton containers water and oil proof.

Food & Beverage Clients

Case studies

Food and beverage manufacturing

Technology Scouting activity to discover environmentally friendly materials for new packaging applications.

Food and beverage manufacturing - Digital Oven - BlueThink Technology, Engineering, Industrial, Product, Design and Mechanical Consultants and assisting with Home appliance mechanical engineering
Efficient and Consistent Illumination

A well illuminated oven allows the final user to have a better cooking experience and contributes to improve both the quality of the cooked products and users’ satisfaction.

Reducing the cost of ownership
Li-Ion Batteries Cost of Ownership Reduction

Reducing the cost of ownership was vital for our client, the world leader in the construction of fully automated robot warehouses. They wanted to explore new solutions for significantly reducing the lifetime cost of powering their warehouses to support their rapid growth plans for the future.