Data Science Lab

Uncovering unique solutions with digital engineering.

By leveraging digital tools and learning technologies, our engineers help clients discover new ways to deliver their products and services.

In our data science lab we blend the virtual and physical worlds, to find unique solutions and new technology innovations. Digital technology moves at a pace, and to be disruptive in the marketplace you need to be ingenious and timely.

Maximising the use of big data and creating digital twins are both key activities in the data science lab. Requiring not only precise analytics and detailed system modelling but also effective application of vital cloud resources.

Digital engineering is critical to so many industries, and our focus is on finding original solutions that lead the market. Our cross-sector approach maximises the transfer of new technologies between industries, helping our clients drive their product innovation programmes forward.


AI & Machine Learning

Deep Learning

Computer Vision

Pattern Recognition Data Mining

Virtual Sensors Big Data & Analytics

Internet of Things (IoT)

Power Management

Wireless Communications


Embedded Systems

Sensors Agile Prototyping

System Modelling

Predictive Modelling System Optimization

Algorithm Development

Python, Matlab, C/C++


Case studies

Data science lab
AI Assisted Drifting

Creating a virtual sensor to accurately estimate the side slip angle drives a massive improvement in lateral dynamics for production cars.

Data science lab
Smart Cooking for Perfect Results

Cooking a fragrant custard, rare meat and deep frying are challenging processes. Getting the perfect result repeatedly requires experience, time and commitment by the user. 
A global home appliances manufacturer approached BlueThink to work together in making such challenging cooking tasks easier and enjoyable for the final user.