Developing successful healthcare and medical devices.

To successfully launch healthcare and medical devices, you need a thorough knowledge of the market and industry regulations. Together with our Solvers Network, BlueThink have worked extensively on new product development for healthcare clients.

Safety and accuracy are critical factors, similarly, the user experience also has a big influence on the direction of development. Patient-centred design factors, such as comfort and usability, are driving change in the user experience. We study how people use devices, in order to create something that meets the patients needs exactly.

Personalised care is another significant development area for this sector. Providing patients with equipment and associated services like apps they can use at home, to monitor and treat their conditions. Understanding the user journey with the product is key, and devices must be simple and intuitive to operate. Designs that integrate cloud connectivity and data collection, must also control access and keep the information secure.

Our unique approach of transferring technology from other sectors enables major advances in product innovation, improving both efficiency and reliability. Coupled with an IP driven strategy to ensure we protect our client’s investment right from the start.


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Healthcare Trends

Patient Tailored Health Care BlueThink
Patient Tailored Health Care

The rise of connected health care devices is enabling more effective and tailored treatment pathways, self-management and improved adherence.

Patient-centered Design

A better patient experience is driving a new approach to design with comfort and usability leading the way. User interface is changing more than any other sub-systems in the biomedical sector.

Healthcare medical device consultants
Reliable and Efficient Manufacturing

Manufacturing and testing technologies transferred from different industries can enable a major shift in reliability and efficiency.

Healthcare Clients

Case studies

Back Ventilated Baby Bottle

A new back vented baby bottle improves babies feeding by reducing air ingestion. BlueThink developed the complete project to a challenging time frame.

A Full Reliability Concept

Improving medical disposables reliability through NDT requires a system capable of high-speed testing without compromising the product.