Combining imagination and technical precision

BlueThinkers are so much more than just product innovation consultants. They are creative individuals, technically brilliant in their own field, and exceptional when bringing their ideas together in product development.

Our Solvers Network further complements our team, putting us one step ahead of the competition. A unique group of companies with a united interest in innovation, working together to share knowledge and cutting edge technologies. Created by BlueThink, this exclusive resource provides ongoing expertise and inspiration, and connects our clients with potential suppliers.

Our philosophy

We go beyond what is expected by taking a thoughtful approach to product design. Our product innovation consultants solve complex problems by looking for solutions where others don’t.

Our ethos is all about collaboration, utilising a cross-sector technology transfer approach that is completely unique to BlueThink. We don’t just look, we discover.

How we work

We are engineers of innovation, always searching for synergy between technologies using creativity and scientific methodology.

Our way of working is meticulous but thoughtful. Whether it’s concept design, defining the product roadmap, applying enabling technologies or managing the prototyping stage. We are focused on providing practical and inventive solutions that add real value to the client and the end user.

This is product innovation with an expert approach.

Our people

Our people are what makes us different. A dedicated group of world-class scientists, engineers and designers from many disciplines, coming together to #ThinkInnovation








Papers & Talks

Our journey

We are a small company making a huge difference.

Our unique approach has seen us rapidly grow to become an international innovation partner to many companies, both in Italy and the UK.