World-class lab facilities for rapid product prototyping and testing.

Implementing a product roadmap can be challenging, and often clients don’t have the lab facilities or expertise to progress their ideas quickly. This is why we created our own product design labs to directly support all aspects of the product development process.

Here our clients can benefit from our state-of-the-art prototyping and testing facilities to drive their projects forward. By utilising our multidisciplinary competencies, we can analyse and solve even the most complex problems.

Our unique cross-sector expertise, coupled with our extensive lab facilities, optimises the development cycle for our clients. Giving them the knowledge, space and resources they need to find innovative solutions to their product development challenges.

Our product design labs bring the conceptual, virtual and real worlds together to create the perfect environment for product innovation. Above all, they enable our clients to develop market-leading products faster than the competition.

Design Thinking
Creative Problem Solving
Open Innovation
Solvers Network
Technology Watching
Digital Mockup CAD
MagnetoThermal analysis
Laser welding technologies
Perceived Quality
colour management
Material characterization
accelerated ageing protocols
Agile prototyping
Power Electronics
Machine Learning
Artificial Intelligence
deep learning
computer vision
system optimization
Design of Experiments
Product Optimization
Cost reduction
Design for manufacturing
design to cost