Mechanical Design Lab

The perfect blend of creativity and engineering expertise.

In our purpose-built mechanical design lab, we can support all aspects of the design engineering process. Applying our expertise with creativity, we can help successfully tackle your next product innovation project.

Building efficient products that respond to specific market needs, requires an agile development approach. Firstly we employ multiple analysis techniques to ensure no detail is overlooked. In addition, the mechanical design lab provides all the resources needed to create your design prototypes and rigorously test them.

Our experts can help you bring your design to life, from virtual modelling through to prototype building and testing. Enabling you to fully evaluate product functionality and reliability at every stage of development.

By innovating in multiple industries, our engineers can see new trends as they develop. This knowledge enables them to not only leverage technologies across applications, but also find solutions quickly.



Concept to Detail Design


Design for Manufacturing (DfM)

Kinematics & Mechanisms

Structural, Thermal, Fluids, Optics




Virtual Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping

Additive Manufacturing

Machining & Casting Integration & Assembly


Virtual Testing

Design of Experiment (DoE)

Lab & Field Testing Test campaign design

Mechanical Characterization

Ageing Protocol Definition

Case studies

Composite Structures

Using state of the art techniques we have designed a new material: easy to transport and capable of replacing steel and concrete.

Food and beverage manufacturing

Technology Scouting activity to discover environmentally friendly materials for new packaging applications.

Reliable pipeline inspection device
Reliable Pipeline Inspection Device

Inspection of the structural integrity of oil pipelines is a key part of preventative maintenance and avoiding spillages. The challenge was to design a reliable pipeline inspection device that would deliver the necessary data without routinely getting stuck.