Case Studies

Product and technology innovation. In the last 10 years we have been working in a global framework carrying out more than 100 projects to grant a clear competitive edge to each one of our clients covering product and technology innovation.

Product Technology Innovation. Looking through a pipe into the sea. Blue Think
Oil And Energy
Reliable Pipeline Inspection Device

Inspection of the structural integrity of pipelines is a key part of preventing spillages and planning preventive maintenance. Although currently available inspection devices (commonly known as “pigs”) can provide good data quality, they can get stuck inside the pipeline causing blockages. As such, this activates a time consuming and costly unscheduled intervention to recover the apparatus and have the line back to operations.

Product Technology Innovation. Baby boy with dummy in mouth. BlueThink
Engineering of a Minimalist Pacifier

Minimizing the footprint of the pacifier means that the baby’s face is less covered and looks more natural. Creating a small, light, thin and soft dummy that is also safe and compliant with all the necessary regulations is an engineering challenge.

Product technology Innovation. Engine of a Super Charged Car. BlueThink
Engine Noise Signature Recovery

The introduction of the GPF created a new challenge for gasoline engines. Recovering the engine noise signature while balancing performance and emissions requires a multidisciplinary and innovative approach to be adopted by the NVH teams.

Engineering Perceived Quality

Customers are not looking for products: they seek great experiences. Improving the perceived quality of cars is an effective way of turning the car driving into an unforgettable experience.

HVAC Systems for EV and E-bus

Heating of HVAC systems for Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles is powered using the waste heat from the engine. In Electric Vehicle (EVs) there isn’t (enough) waste energy, so the system needs to be powered by the main battery, decreasing the vehicle’s range, which is arguably the most important parameter for customers.

User-Centered Simplicity

A major healthcare manufacturer contacted us to design a novel and extraordinarily simple nebulizer device, consisting of very few components. In particular, the nebulizing ampoule needed to be made up of two parts, instead of the usual three: this implies a greatly improved ease of use, whereas the device fluid dynamics design has to be completely renovated.

Go-to-Market Strategy

The successful launch of a new product requires a thorough research that includes technical, economic and strategic aspects.

Data science lab
Home Appliances
Smart Cooking for Perfect Results

Cooking a fragrant custard, rare meat and deep frying are challenging processes. Getting the perfect result repeatedly requires experience, time and commitment by the user. 
A global home appliances manufacturer approached BlueThink to work together in making such challenging cooking tasks easier and enjoyable for the final user.

Home Appliances
Energy Efficiency Improvement

Energy efficiency regulations continue to push the boundaries requiring continuous improvements to the state-of-the-art technologies. This means the industry needs to introduce advanced materials at an appropriate cost for both cold and hot applications.

Energy sector technologies
Oil And Energy
High-Speed Subsea Laser Communications

BlueThink designed, prototyped and tested a communication module to be integrated to subsea system, monitor them and transmit data to a remote receiver, yet not increasing the assembly time or requiring additional connecting components.

Energy sector technologies
Oil And Energy
IoT and Wearables for HSE

BlueThink is developing a suite of wearable devices able to collect and share useful information related to the health and safety of human operators in hazardous environments.

Food and beverage manufacturing
Food And Beverage
Cost-Effective Energy

A new operational plan to increase the powering efficiency of fully automated warehouses resulted in savings of over 50% against the most optimistic projections.