A fresh perspective on automotive design engineering.

With over 10 years of experience in automotive design engineering, we know how to make vehicles safe, sustainable and enjoyable. Over the last decade, we have supported leading car manufacturers and Tier 1 suppliers to develop innovative vehicle solutions.

Technology innovation in the automotive industry is changing. A shift in focus to electrification creates new challenges with range, efficiency and aesthetics. At the same time, there must be a constant focus on cost control, to ensure any new technology is competitive.

Similarly the evolution of more futuristic technologies, like autonomous vehicles, also requires a completely new approach to development. Cross-industry collaboration and application of modern technologies like IoT will be essential to extend beyond the prototype stage.

Analysing how the customer makes their buying decision, and characterising perceived quality is a huge part of the development process. The fine detail of key features like CMF, lighting and sound all influence the overall driver experience. The ability to define this perception, and then translate it directly into a product requires very specific design engineering skills.

Our unique cross-sector experience enables us to apply fresh thinking from other industries. By applying this to automotive design challenges, we can create new and original opportunities for product innovation.



Energy Storage

Weight Reduction

Wireless Charging

Vehicle to Grid (V2G)


Predictive Maintenance

Perceived Quality

Colour, Material & Finish (CMF)

Lighting Management

Acoustic & Haptic Feedback

Gap/flush Control


GPF & Engine Sound Signature


Cross-industry Innovation

Machine Learning

Computer Vision



Virtual Sensors

Artificial Intelligence

Innovative Sensors

Automotive Trends

Tesla Charging Station. BlueThink Technology, Engineering, Industrial, Product, Design and Mechanical Consultants.
Vehicle Electrification

There are a number of key new challenges to overcome in the EV sector. For example, HVAC deeply affects the mileage in rigid environments. Now solutions are on the verge of reaching the market.

Maserati Granturismo car seat. BlueThink Technology, Engineering, Industrial, Product, Design and Mechanical Consultants and assisting
A New Comfort Paradigm

The ability to define interiors quality using quantitative methods is changing the way car manufacturers design their interiors. Customers are looking for great experiences and user interface is evolving faster than any other systems.

Motorway Car digital Zoning. BlueThink Technology, Engineering, Industrial, Product, Design and Mechanical Consultants and assisting with Automotive design engineering.
Autonomous Vehicles as a Cross-Industry Challenge

The rise of autonomous vehicles will deeply transform the way automobiles are employed, as well as the concept itself of owning a car and the infrastructures around the vehicle. As such, the Automotive industry cannot be conceived in isolation to other industrial sectors, such as urban planning and entertainment.

Automotive Clients

Case Studies

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3D Printed Production Parts

Additive manufacturing offers new opportunities for development and production, but we must first meet the application requirements.

Data science lab
AI Assisted Drifting

Creating a virtual sensor to accurately estimate the side slip angle drives a massive improvement in lateral dynamics for production cars.