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Efficient energy sector technologies.

BlueThink has supported some of the largest companies in the oil, gas and renewables industry. Uniquely we use cross-sector technology transfer to find solutions that respond directly to the innovation needs of these sectors.

Energy sector technologies have immense design engineering challenges to overcome, from subsea power generation to achieving a greener energy grid. Technologies for efficiency and connectivity are important, such as smart devices and sensors that collect data to maximise productivity.

Equally important for renewable energy providers is cost reduction, and improving grid reliability, for example through battery banks. Similarly finding smarter ways of producing a sustainable low carbon footprint through technology innovation.

In contrast, the product development focus for oil and gas operations revolves around efficiency and safety. For example, the underwater working environment relies upon autonomous vehicles and robotics for remote control. Utilising digital twin technology we simulate real-world activity, then use big data analysis to monitor behaviour and improve processes.




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Energy Sector Trends

Energy sector technologies - Seabed factory Underwater oil and gas wellhead equipment - BlueThink Technology, Engineering, Industrial, Product, Design and Mechanical Consultants and assisting with Oil energy technology transfer
The Rise of Subsea Factories

The Oil & Energy industry is experiencing the trend toward underwater repositioning of some key phases in oil treatment. As a consequence, the industry is to face a number of technological challenges, among which are undersea power generation, submarine communications, autonomous vehicle design and development.

Energy sector technologies
IoT Integration

The combination of extensive IoT networks and Big Data Analytics is playing an important role in the next generation industry. Innovation is increasingly aimed towards automation and real-time monitoring, which is particularly important for high risk operations like offshore operations in oil and gas and off shore wind.

Energy sector technologies. Digital Twins 3D Turbine Images - Bluethink Approach Technology Landscaping- BlueThink Technology, Engineering, Industrial, Product, Design and Mechanical Consultants and assisting with Oil energy technology transfer
Towards Digital Twins

The increasing need for handling operations with no physical support by manpower, leads to a more and more stringent robotization of processes and to the development of digital twin systems, able to effectively reproduce the systems’ behaviors, forecast downturns and malfunctions, shorten maintenance operations.

Energy Sector Clients

Case studies

Energy sector technologies
IoT and Wearables for HSE

BlueThink is developing a suite of wearable devices able to collect and share useful information related to the health and safety of human operators in hazardous environments.

Digital twin for structure monitoring
Digital Twin for Structure Monitoring

Creating a digital twin for subsea installation structure monitoring was a highly complex and intricate project requiring multiple BlueThink experts. The client needed more control over their subsea oil extractions, to better protect these expensive offshore facilities.